Stainless Steel Tanks & Vessels

02 December 20

Stainless Steel Tanks & Vessels
Holding on with patience and protection is the real need of the hour,whether it’s about holding knowledge or liters and liters of water, at the end, we need strong protective surroundings, and what could be better than STAINLESS STEEL.
What do we need in the fabricating industry?
Answers will be sure a material that possesses the quality to be bent,rolled and shaped to fit customer needs and kudos, stainless steel is the best fit for these qualities. Talking about different shapes of stainless steel, one major name which pops up is “STORAGE TANKS”, a variety word is added to this due to its numerous design and capacity
to hold in it. We the team of Desbro Engineering provide a tank that can sustain 480,000 liters of milk into it.
Seeing the market of stainless steel worldwide you will find its applications clearly and the difference in quality will be visible to your sights. Rapid growth in the stainless industry as well expected percentage of growth in the near future allowing industries to mold stainless into a regular need in different sectors, talking precisely about Hot Water Treatment Tank, 2020 pandemic has made us realize the major importance of purity, and we must possess the habit
of pure intake. Water is a valuable natural asset, Hot-water seed treatment is one method that you can use to eradicate, or at least reduce the level of pathogens. Stainless steel plays a vital role to make this happen, we provide with this setup which comes with some key features which are for the purpose to make aware end customer,
o Capacity: 200 Ltrs. – 5,000 Litres.
o Material Type : SS-304 / SS-316
o Material Thickness : 3–6 mm
o Insulation Type: Rockwool
Wheels of application and services from us doesn’t stop here, Stainless steel is the only material that has been able to combine the durability, stiffness, and resistance against corrosion required in the dairy industry, this really adds sense to design equipment for dairy purpose, and what could be better and useful than Milk Transportation Tanker, this play a sensational feature in dairy firms at the same time specifications really matters to us as well add quality
in the product:
·Capacity : 2,000 Litres. – 40,000 Litres.
·Material Type : SS-304 / SS-316
·Material Thickness : 3–8 mm
·Insulation Type: Mineral wool / Polyurethane (PU)
Ok, so what if we are talking about dairy firms, any guesses? What are other important names we forget to add to our list of equipment which is ultimately molded by sensational stainless steel? These are milk pasteurizer and Yoghurt Process Tank. Pasteurizing plays an important role to kill pathogens, to complete this important step we structure with specified measures
·Capacity : 200 Ltrs. – 20,000 Litres.
·Material Type : SS-304 / SS-316
·Material Thickness: 3–6 mm
·Insulation Type : Mineral Wool / Rockwool
According to research, the global storage tank market appraised at USD 12.56 billion in 2019 is expected to touch USD 16.87 billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 3.85% during the projection period. Oil and Gas industry plays a major role in the growth of the Storage Tank Market. What are your thoughts about the growth of stainless steel tanks in
various industries?

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