Dairy Processing

Desbro Engineering milk processing

Desbro Engineering Limited is solid and steady to convey the most effective quality elements needed for various dairy applications.  We offer them in various volumes and determinations and furthermore redo them according to the necessities of the customers of Stainless Steel Milk Tanker. Our world is constantly changing which means there is a huge opportunity for the dairy industry in the years to come.so as to stay competitive not solely have we tend to invested with heavily in innovation however we tend to make sure that we’ve got the readiness to capture opportunities in and perceive regional and world trends. We have a comprehensive range of innovative hygienic components which form a key foundation for dairy processing. At the core of our business is our mission to secure hygienic conditions and optimize dairy production.

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Milk Processing

The marketplace for milk process is ever dynamic and it demands product innovation, superior quality, and competitive rating. Desbro Engineering Limiteds’ comprehensive line of hygienic fixtures and fittings – stainless steel tanks, vessels, pipes, tubes, valves, fittings give more flexibility to cater to the market demands.

Pasteurisers Processing

Desbro Engineering Limited designs and manufactures thermal processing plants for milk pasteurization. The milk pasteurization plant lines are available in different types of systems that can be semi-automatic or fully automatic. The control systems for milk pasteurization plants are equipped with superior quality, European fittings, piping, sanitary pumps, valves, heat exchangers, control panel systems and much more. These can be tailor-made to suit your size of business. This milk pasteurization plants may process plain or flavored milk, creams, ice-cream mix, fruit juices and generally all types of food fluid drinks.

Milk Transport Tankers

Milk Transport Tankers are the most important link between the milk producer and the milk plant. The Milk Transport Tanks, as a handler of human food, must have a clean, neat appearance and good sanitary habits. The clean, outward appearance of the tank establishes confidence in the milk producer and the milk plant ability to handle a food product. The bulk tank truck must be of sanitary design and construction. Our Milk Transport Tankers meet the construction requirements of the 3-A Sanitary Standards as hygiene is most important to our customers.

Bulk Cooling Tanks

The best method of milk cooling is by Bulk Cooling Tanks immediately after milking. The usage of such tanks has become popular in the recent past because it not only helps in increasing the shelf-life of milk but also provides systematic and simple way of the procurement of milk. It also ensures procurement of more milk by covering untapped farther areas for milk collection. Here at Desbro Engineering we offer our customer Bulk Cooling Tanks from 500/Lts per day to 5,000/Lts per day. However, Bulk Milk Coolers of bigger capacities are also available on demand.