Stainless Steel Milk tankers

02 December 20

Storing milk? Stainless Steel tanks are the way to go:
“Dairy defines development”, isn’t it quite obvious?. We get milk
products from dairy firms which is ultimately for our
growth/development in either way mentally as well as physically.
Taking care of all parameters, choosing equipment or utensils is the
topmost priority without a second thought. We at the industry
understand your concerns and requirements and develop containers,
free from chemical impacts, corrosion as well as contamination.
Yes, you guessed it right, Stainless steel tanks in the Dairy industry.
Many research reports emphasize the use of hazardous materials in
the dairy industry has created a serious impact on public health as few
materials lead to food contamination.
Stainless Steel has emerged as an alternate material for various usages
in the dairy sector and approximately 8000-10,000MT of Stainless
Steel is used for storage, processing, and transportation equipment
every year in India. CODEX, the international food standards under
WHO, has also recommended stainless steel as a preferred material
for the storage of food and transportation.
When we talk about these two things, stainless steel, and dairy firm,
then leading name Desbro Engineering Limited is must, which stays
strong as steel and produce various dairy applications which include
Milk Processing, Milk Transport Tankers, Pasteurisers processing.
We offer storage as well as cooling tankers in various variety and
volume, (demand are about tank holding capacity of 480,000),
furthermore remodel them according to the necessities of the
customer. They cater for hygienic fixtures and fittings – stainless
steel tanks, vessels, pipes, tubes, valves, fittings give more flexibility
to cater to the market demands.
Countries like Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania have started scaling
their business by manufacturing loads of tanks with great strength
embedded into it. Companies in East African countries have been
seeking a mission to have a huge production of milk tankers all over
the world which in turn will help customers to get prime products for
use. And our company is successfully on its way to complete this
mission by starting the manufacturing of milk tankers in countries
like Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. Permanent residents of East
African countries or industries wanting, to set up their business can
avail of our products and services to improve the quality of their
business and lifestyle.
Talking about milk storage tanks, it acts as a chain between firms and
people, clean and strong outskirts develop reliability and confidence
in suppliers but in all, what plays a major role is a hygienist. The bulk
tank truck must be of sanitary design and construction. Milk
Transport Tanker meets the construction requirements of the 3-A
Sanitary Standards as hygiene is most important to our customers.
According to research, the global storage tank market appraised at
USD 12.56 billion in 2019 is expected to touch USD 16.87 billion by
2027, at a CAGR of 3.85% during the projection period. The
environment of dairy firms is changing with fast wheels, to be in a
competitive race Desbro Engineering always chooses to make an
innovation in production to capture opportunities in and perceive
regional and world trends.

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