Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication

02 December 20

Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication:
According to the Oxford dictionary – ‘Fabrication is the action or process
of manufacturing or inventing something’. Isn’t that true? Fabrication is
simply the action of constructing a wonderful and attractive piece using
raw materials. Stainless Steel fabrication has been in demand for several
years and has been growing immensely globally. Well if demand is
hiking up, then to make harmony with the client’s demand and our
supply new methods of fabrication are coming into the picture which is
the leading traditional one. Whether it’s an industry or an inside kitchen,
stainless steel has kept its footprints on the walls. The consumption of
stainless steels in restaurants’ kitchens is enhanced not only because of
its attractive looks & stylish performance but also due to the reason, it is
long-lasting customizable, sanitary, and comfortable to clean. Whatever
business you run in today’s market, the Customer is the king. The only
way to improve traffic to your business is by fulfilling your consumer’s
Products like Water Softeners, Demineralization plants, Reverse
Osmosis plant, Pressure tanks are some of those who have taken a good
share in the market, all because of their high use of Stainless Steel.
Stainless Steel can deliver a wide range of products, and along with this,
it can also give the flexibility of modifying itself according to
consumers’ requirements.
East African (Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania) pharmaceutical industries
have been adopting Stainless steel products such as steel tanks, pressure
vessels, pipe works as well as more intricate parts like orthopedic
implants and hypodermic needles. Pharma industry needs to deal with
high temperature, high pressure, and withstand frequent fierce cleaning
regimes and so industries need a product which could satisfy their crucial
needs. Equipment used in the Pharmaceutical industry is highly
customized and expensive, hence decision with regard to equipment
design and material needs to be prudent.
“There is only one boss, the Customer. And he can fire everybody in the
company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money
somewhere else” – SAM WALTON.
Whether it’s a slight change in the current piece of work, customization
of the work is the only possible way to have a good impression on your
client. In the world of competitors, customer’s requirements need to be
satisfied and the prime quality of work is to be given by the company.
The only way to generate more and more leads for your business is to
attract your clients with all types of shapes and designs, that is what will
make you stand up in the competition stack.
This is where we, Desbro Engineering Limited come into the picture.
Quality work for us is not a requirement for us rather it is our duty to the
customer to provide him the best quality service.
Custom Stainless Steel has been perfect for all kinds of kitchens & sizes.
Coming from big commercial kitchens to a very little but fascinating
kitchen, there is always a place for custom stainless steel. East African
countries like Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania have seen significant
growth in the Stainless Steel Market. The future of the Stainless Steel
market in East African countries will see a great upsurge in the near
future. Desbro has always been seeking to give the best quality
customized service to its clients. Undoubtedly Desbro will be one of the
leading companies in terms of Stainless Steel manufacturing. Feel free to
contact, if you too want to avail of our service and products to make your
industry or interior look alluring and beautiful. Customization will surely
play as an asset to East African Stainless Steel companies as it can drive
any number of customers to it. Comment down your thoughts on how
Stainless Steel has seen significant growth in the East African

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