Stainless Steel Tanks & Vessels

Desbro Engineering Limited (DEL) is a leader in manufacturing customised, stainless steel tanks, vessels and silos for the dairy industry in Kenya and across East Africa.

Stainless steel is fabricated in more than 200 unique arrangements. All are normally impenetrable to rust just as consumption from most synthetic compounds and acids. This makes Stainless steel tanks low support and pollution safe. They are likewise non-attractive and solid, however their highlights can be enhanced with legitimate medicines or coatings.

Stainless steel tanks & vessels are providing in Kenya,Uganda & Tanzania.We produce a wide scope of Tanks and Vessels that are broadly utilized for taking care of destructive synthetic compounds in extraordinary conditions. Intended flawlessly, these are acknowledged for durable development, strength and longer help life.


Stainless Steel Storage tanks have a wide scope of employments and it tends to be hard to locate an ideal choice for your necessities. With Desbro Engineering Limited, you don’t need to stress over this viewpoint. We have a solid arrangement of custom Stainless Steel Storage tanks in agreement to our customers’ needs.

With more than 50 years of experience and a group of proficient people who see how to configuration, introduce and make tanks, we, at Desbro Engineering Limited, are certain about our capacity to create the best Stainless Steel Storage tank for you.

Stainless steel pressure vessels and tanks are important in each industry somehow. They are reasonable for capacity Milk transportation tanker  , Yoghurt process tankHot water treatment tank , process tanks, vacuum tanks, and a lot a greater number of uses than we can list in one spot. Since our tanks are specially made, the potential outcomes are huge.

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